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Neyzen Sinan Söyler Ney Workshop; It is located on the European side of Istanbul, in the Beşiktaş district of the Bosphorus.


Neyzen Sinan Söyler, unlike most instrument makers, has mastered his instrument for over 20 years as a Neyzen. He has been playing Ney since 2011.


He travels to different parts of Turkey, where Kargı Reeds (Arundo Donax) are grown, and carefully selects the reeds that we will use to make Ney, one by one, from local collectors. During the production of our neys, he joins and supervises his team at every step of the process.

For this reason, our Neys are guaranteed to be replaced for any manufacturing defect.

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Below we share a very special video about Ney production that we have prepared for you.



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