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I was born on August 15, 1991 in Istanbul, my family came from Malatya Pütürge 4 generations ago and settled in Istanbul.
We are 4 siblings, I have 1 older sister, 1 older brother and 1 younger sister.
I have been involved with music since my childhood, so much so that I will never forget that I had a walkman that I got when I was 10-11 years old. I used to wear headphones at night, listening to Dede Efendi, Tamburi Cemil Bey, and I would fall asleep, can you believe this is still the case, I can't fall asleep otherwise. Maybe it is for this reason that I was not interested in other lessons except music lessons during my school years and unfortunately I was not a very successful student. For this reason, I could only finish high school from outside by distance learning program

My entry into the world of music was at a very early age. With the encouragement of my brother, who is also a musician and studied Vocal and Kanun at the "Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory", as soon as I finished primary school, I became a regular at the "Bağcılar Turkish Sufi Music Conservation and Sustainment Association" in Istanbul, which operates under the "Federation of Turkish Sufi Music Associations". My first acquaintance with the ney instrument was here. In fact, my first Ney was gifted by my esteemed teacher here. At the beginning of 2004, from the age of 12, I took lessons from various masters in the association, mainly on Sufi Music, Turkish Music and Ney. At the end of my first 2 years in the association, I made progress and when I was only 15 years old, I attracted the attention of Turkey's leading Neyzens and I took lessons from well-known masters Neyzen Ömer Erdoğdular and Prof. Dr. Neyzen Ali Tan.

Neyzen Sinan Söyler Türk Sanat Müziği şöleninde bir konserde.

I participated in a series of concerts as Neyzen in my first international tour of this institution, which included Frankfurt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart in Germany and Strasbourg, Paris and Valence in France. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to participate in many tours and concerts in Turkey and abroad. I had the opportunity to have conversations and practice with many of our masters in friendly assemblies. Therefore, this institution has a very special place for me both in my personal life and in my music career. I am currently a member of this institution and I am active as Neyzen in their performances and organizations.

Neyzen Sinan Söyler uluslararası turnelerinden birindeki konserde.

During my military service between 2011 and 2013, I served as a Neyzen in the "Turkish Armed Forces Harmony Harmony" in Ankara for 15 months. As you can appreciate, hundreds of people applied for the aptitude test for the Harmony, but thankfully we were granted and I completed a 15-month tenure here, which greatly contributed to my personal development.

(Turkish Armed Forces Harmony Harmony, or TSK Harmony for short, the band representing the Turkish Armed Forces at the level of force commands and the General Staff;

The choir, which is affiliated to the Turkish Armed Forces Band Schools Command, gives concerts in Turkey and abroad, and has its training center in Ankara, was connected to the National Defense University after the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016. ​​)​

Neyzen Sinan Söyler TSK Armoni Mızıkası geçit töreninde

After my military service, I returned to Istanbul and in February 2013, I started to work as a Ney Instructor at Başakşehir Bilgievleri Music Schools affiliated to Başakşehir Municipality.


I passed the exam that was opened in 2014 and started the Avcılar Municipal Conservatory Turkish Art Music semi-teaching associate degree program, which operates under the supervision of Istanbul Technical University. At the same time, between 2014-2018, I continued to take private lessons with meşk style at “Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory” Maçka campus from Turkey's well-known Ney Masters, Prof. Dr. Ali Tüfekçi, Prof. Dr. Süleyman Erguner and Neyzen Başar Dikici.


Inevitably, a musician must know his instrument very well. Therefore I focused on the Ney, which is my main instrument, and as a result of the training I received from my masters and my personal research, I learned the intricacies of Ney making, first by using different templates and then by trial and error. Since 2011, I have started to make Ney flutes in my home workshop.
Finally, in 2013, I started to craft the ney flutes in my own template and established the first full-fledged "Sinan Söyler Ney Workshop" in Bahçeşehir.​​​​


On the one hand, I was working as a Ney Instructor at the “Başakşehir Bilgievleri Music Schools” affiliated to the Başakşehir Municipality, on the other hand, continuing my music education with my masters at ITU, at the same time I was continuing to play in the "Bağcılar Association for the Protection and Sustenance of Turkish Sufi Music", attending concerts. On the other hand, in my remaining time, I was making Ney at my workshop.
I never like to brag about myself, but yes, I have a versatile and entrepreneurial personality.


In this context, I founded my own music school, "Söyler Sanat Music Academy" in Bahçeşehir, Istanbul, in 2017. My music school attracted many students from all over Turkey, and in August 2018, I quit working for Başakşehir Bilgievleri Music Schools and devoted all my time to my own music school and Ney making workshop. In 2019, I opened 2 new branches for my music school in Halkalı and Beşiktaş, increasing the total number of branches to three, and at the same time, I moved my 6-year Ney workshop in Bahçeşehir to Beşiktaş.

I cooperated with the "London Music Academy" for the accreditation of "Söyler Sanat Music Academy".

In "Söyler Sanat Music Academy", which also provides consultancy services to many private music schools in different cities of Turkey; leading musicians such as Serhan Yadsıman (Guitar), Cafer Nazlıbaş (Kabak Violin), Polat Akarçay (Dilsiz Kaval), Şaban Shadow (Violin), Murat Süngü (Cello), Holly Sütoğlu (Kanun), Ufuk Kaan İçli (Oud), Ayşegül Altıok (Vocal) have been in teaching team.

However, the pandemic negatively affected the music and education sectors, as well as all other sectors, obviously our music schools too, therefore we had to stop the activities as of March 2020.
During the pandemic process, I continued to make Neys for the Ney lovers all over the world at my "Sinan Söyler Ney Workshop" in Beşiktaş, Istanbul. In my workshop, besides Turkish Neys, I also make Arabic Neys. The Neys I make started to be sold online through my website, which I established with a very valuable person who is like a brother to me at the beginning of 2020. With him we also established 2 sales points together in Qatar and the USA.


Meanwhile, I applied for the "Artist Licensing Exam" within the framework of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage" program opened by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in October 2020 and successfully passed the ministry's delegation exam held in Ankara on October 22, 2021 in both branches as a Neyzen and Ney Production Master, which I was entitled to receive the "Ministry of Culture Artist Identity" (HKBM Registration Number: YB2022.0269)


In addition, in 2021, we established a small branch of "Sinan Söyler Ney Workshop" in Doha, Qatar, together with a talented Neyzen candidate and a very skilled Ney maker Yusuf İlker Karaaslan, who has been as a dear brother to me and my student for the past 3 years.


In addition, I give online ney lessons to my Turkish and foreign students from Turkey, Germany, Albania, Greece, Qatar and other Gulf countries, Malaysia, USA and many other places.

As the measures taken against the Covid-19 epidemic have been eased, I have been working as a Ney Instructor at the "Beykoz Municipality Music School" in Beykoz Municipality, with which I have contracted since November 2021.
Again, very soon, I am in the plans to reactivate the "Söyler Sanat Music Academy".

Both blowing the ney, opening the ney and teaching the ney are works of the heart. The heart is the head of everything.
How beautiful Yunus Emre said;

I did not come for the case of a raw,
My job is for love,
The house of the friend is the hearts,
I came to make the hearts.



Always keep your friendly homes that are your hearths warm, stay healthy and safe... With love and respect...

Neyzen Sinan Söyler

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