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Neyzen Sinan Söyler;


Hayat güldükçe güzel
Hayat güldükçe güzel






Neyzen Sinan Söyler was born on 15 August 1991 in Istanbul as the third child of his parents. He has a brother and two sisters.


He had a passion for music like his older brother since he was a child. As soon as Sinan graduated from secondary school in 2004 with the encouragement of his brother Ramazan Söyler, who was a musician like him, he started to attend the Bağcılar Turkish Sufi Music Culture Promotion and Survival Association, where he met NEY, and Ney has been a passion for him ever since.


Here he was both learning how to blow Ney and participating in Sufism conversations. Sinan took lessons from various Neyzens and, as a result of his intense dedication, he reached a remarkable level on blowing Ney in the two years between 2004-2006, on this occasion he was eager to study music professionally and become a distinguished Neyzen by mastering Ney.


As he has rapidly improved his ability, Sinan drew the attention of leading Neyzens in Turkey while he was only 15 years old. Between 2006-2009, he took lessons from well-known masters Neyzen Ömer Erdoğdular and Prof. Dr. Neyzen Ali Tan, his future was bright as he was one of the favourites with his talent among the many students trained by these great masters.


During this time under the roof of Bağcılar Turkish Sufi Music Culture Promotion and Survival Association he started to take stage as Neyzen at solo and chorus concerts in different cities in Turkey.





Later on, as a member of the same institution, he participated in concerts in his first international tour including Frankfurt, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Stuttgart in Germany and Strasbourg, Paris and Valence in France.


Sinan was busy with his music career when he was with the Bağcılar Association for the Promotion and Survival of Turkish Sufi Music Culture, but meanwhile he wanted to complete his high school education as he could not attend a normal school due to financial reasons. Thus, he participated in the distance education program and finished high school in 2011.




Sinan was drafted in the same year in 2011 to fulfill his compulsory military service and was sent to the capital Ankara.


He took professional skills exams as a musician in the army and successfully joined the military band. Upon this, he served as Neyzen for 15 months in the Turkish Armed Forces Ankara Harmony Band Command.


The Turkish Armed Forces Harmony Band, or TSK Harmony Band for short, is representing the Turkish Armed Forces at the level of the force commanders and the General Staff;

The band gives concerts at home and abroad, was attached to the Turkish Armed Forces Command School choir training center in Ankara after the coup attempt occurred in Turkey in 2016 and was linked to the National Defense University.​​​​​​

TSK Armoni Mızıkası




Sinan, who completed his military service in 2013 and returned to Istanbul, became a teaching staff of Başakşehir Municipality Knowledge Houses and Music Academies as a Ney instructor.


At the same time, he started Ney production by establishing a private workshop in Başakşehir in 2013.


He entered the conservatory exams in 2014 and successfully passed, he started the Turkish Art Music half-education associate degree program at the Avcılar Municipal Conservatory under the supervision of Istanbul Technical University and graduated in 2017. During this time, his teacher at Istanbul Technical University, Doc. Dr. Neyzen Ali Tüfekçi has been giving him private lessons at ITU Maçka campus for 3 years since 2014.




Meanwhile Sinan, has opened SÖYLER ARTS ACADEMY  music school with two branches in Besiktaş and Bahçeşehir Istanbul in year 2017 where some of the best music masters in Turkey were among his team of teachers.

His school has been training new musicians ever since.

It has been so succesful that many other private music schools in different cities in Turkey have been receiving consultancy from SÖYLER ARTS ACADEMY.


Sinan Söyler, who is a real entrepreneur with extensive knowledge about music and especially Ney, transferred his 7-year private workshop in Başakşehir to Beşiktaş in 2020 and opened the SİNAN SÖYLER NEY WORKSHOP.

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​​​​​​As a Neyzen, Ney has become a part of his life and he is happy to make his favorite Neys with his own hands, to perform Ney with his unique style and to teach Ney to his students.

He has given many concerts, been involved in many musical projects with many well known musicians and artists till now.


Currently SÖYLER ARTS ACADEMY is on standby due to Covid19 pandemic awaiting the educational calendar to be declared by the state.

Meanwhile SİNAN SÖYLER NEY WORKSHOP is still operational and the Neys it produce meets with the Ney lovers worldwide. They recently added two other point of sales as liaisons in Qatar and USA.


Having a hectic work life. Sinan Söyler is still doing meşk rehearsals with Doc. Dr. Neyzen Süleyman Erguner, as he continues his music life with his Ney.